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E-Visa for Umrah is HERE: A Basic Guideline 101

In our humane society we follow certain laws, procedures, policies that no matter how much we detest them all, we still have to follow it up.
For Muslims, the best type of travel is to Makkah and Madinah. There’s no denying in their importance as it’s a dream destination you (as a Muslim) wants to visit whenever you get the chance.

What hurdles do you face for the planning of Umrah?
The contradiction is what makes your planning turn out of balance. Either it's the budget, the accommodation or flight tickets, it needs to be planned out properly.
But that’s not just it.

Travel documents play their role as well, in delaying the process for Umrah and so on. Saudi government introduces policies which are best in favor of the government, sometimes policies may not seem in favor of the pilgrims but that’s how the government works.

Welcoming millions of pilgrims in their home country will make you take precautionary steps that work in your favor.
But still, certain aspects help a pilgrim to offer pilgrim for Hajj & Umrah .

News about E-Visa for Umrah!

It's certainly exciting news for every Muslim around every corner of the world the provision of E-Visa will fasten the process of Umrah confirmation.
Saudi Arabia has been working immensely over the last few years for their far-sighted future game for 2030 vision making it possible for more people to come for pilgrims. To imitated the effort, e-visa has been introduced aiding the system and issuance of visa is going to be less of an effort now.

Old v/s new changes

There's not much change, yet, but it's the beginning of new policy revolution. Several promises have been made to upgrade the process of issuing a visa for pilgrims.

Such changes are said to include tourist visa extension but like mentioned above it's still in the working.

Removal of 2000 SAR Fees!

Recently the Saudi government made and an announcement about exceeding rate of 2000 SAR to be charged to anyone who wants to perform Umrah twice a year. Yeah, I know it was a bit of a mess for pilgrims, why put so much exertion and making it impossible for a Muslim to offer their religious rights at all?
But thankfully, the extra charges on Umrah has been removed by the Saudi government! Now you don't have to pay any more than the usual charges (which I might add is just enough).

Did you say new FEES?

Now that the horrendous 2000 SAR has been removed a new fee has been on its way.
Formerly, Umrah visa was free for all pilgrims now you have to pay around 300 SAR (£80) PER PERSON, as a tax payment introduced in hotels, ground transfers and VAT (and yes its applicable for kids as well!)
It's much easier to travel via an agency or agent that is a reliable source and can give you a proper check and balance for all the details


Going electronic is now a great option (so far) and it's easy to implement any change online rather than filing for paperwork.
Pilgrims are in good luck; it will take 10 days to process all information according to new regulations. But you need to book a hotel in advance as well and the way of transfers as well. Going through a travel agency will make it all easier especially choosing a cheap Umrah package. So be careful to choose those agencies that are approved by the Saudi Ministry to get a code and then visa will be provided to your agent.

Things to Care of:

Booking a flight and hotel on your own can be insolvent, you can contact your travel agent to confirm the bookings just in case something seems amiss.
Umrah and Hajj are the biggest events of all in Saudi Arabia and hence the crowdiest times of the year as well. Double-check every booking including airport transfers, ground transfers, hotel bookings and so on. Bookings tend to be canceled at the last moment as well so you don't want to be stranded on the street at night only to be disappointed.

When to Travel for Umrah?

Now the main question is when to go for Umrah. You can perform Umrah at any time of the year, there’s no restriction. But you can plan it all smartly.
The most common mistake a person makes every first time is they pay thousands of pounds and yet leave it the last-minute decision when they want to visit.

Money is hard-earned, don't ever waste it like that!

Usually, people prefer to travel during Ramadan, the ending Ishara (last few days of the month) and celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr there as well. Right after Ramadan, the crowd lessens a bit and the rates are comparatively lower.

Once the dust settles in the early days of Ramadan you can choose any all-inclusive cheap Umrah packages that will cover every detail of your travelling and you can perform pilgrim in a comfortable budget and the times will be less crowded.

Another thing to consider is to always wait for the new policies regarding Umrah and Hajj especially at the mid or end of the year.
Take steps towards Umrah with safety and precaution, it’s easy to get scammed in the name of Umrah and Hajj. So put your faith in a well-respected and registered travel agency before deciding to go with one.

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