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Chadar Trek: Get ready to witness the wilderness of the Himalayas!!

Himalayas are best to explore when it comes to adventure. Walking in the depth of the Himalayas will always let you explore the hidden treasures of nature. When we talked about the adventure and thrill all at once, only one trekking adventure comes into everybody’s mind: The wildest and glamorous of all, Chadar Trek.  A walk on the frozen river is an experience for a lifetime. The Zanskar river gets frozen in winter months and forms a thick sheet of ice on which a traveler can walk and explore the wilderness of the Himalayas.

Chadar trek is perched at an altitude of 11,123ft above sea level and considered as moderate to tough difficulty trek. The trek is suitable for fit beginners and experienced trekkers. The trek starts from Leh and takes you through the tiny hamlets of Leh which represents Zanskari culture, frozen waterfalls, rocky mountain formations, narrow and tricky paths, rivulets and streams, along with the snow-capped Himalayas. Walking the Chadar in extreme climatic conditions is challenging. The total trek is of more than 80km and can be done in 9-10 days. The trekkers should be fit and have the capability to walk at least 15-20 km every day.
Camping at Chadar trek is another great activity you can do. It feels amazing to pitch the tent at higher altitudes somewhere in the picturesque sight and resting in the area all surrounded with fresh white snow.
Chadar trek offers great views and most importantly a lifetime experience to cherish forever. The trek is a “do before die” adventure. Discover and explore the beauty of the Himalayas and add a great travel story to your travelogue.
Doing this trek is not an easy task. One should be well-prepared and organized for this deadly adventure.

Here are some important points that will help you to prepare for the trek:

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Chadar Trek is in January & February. The Zanskar river gets frozen in only these two months.

Acclimatization and fitness

Trekking at higher altitudes requires acclimatization and Leh has a different climate than northern states. Nestled at higher altitudes the oxygen level at Leh decreases and very less. You need to get acclimatize before 2-3 days of the trek as you will have to survive in negative temperatures during the trek. It is advised to keep yourself physically fit for this trek. Start doing exercise and yoga prior to 2 months of the trek and increase your stamina & strength.

Reach Leh

The best and convenient way to reach Leh is by airways. The nearest airport is in Leh which is connected to all the major cities of India. Take a direct flight from Delhi and reach Leh. Roadways and railways are not available in winter to reach Leh as the harsh weather affects the region very badly.

The adventurous and memorable stay

During the trek, you will be staying in camps. And if you are lucky then you have a chance to do cave camping in the Zanskar valley. Pitching the tent at some picturesque sites on the trek and have food will be a great and memorable experience.

DO and DON’Ts of Chadar Trek:

1. Follow the trek leader and the locals like a shadow as they know more and better than you.
2. Do not get de-motivated or panic if you fall on the ice. It will happen in the first 2-3 days.
3. Carry eatables and drinking water with you.
4. Take adequate breaks and keep yourself hydrated.
5. Keep a small first-aid kit with you because bruises and cuts are very common.


1. Do not underestimate or ignore the weather conditions. Keep track on the records.
2. Do not skip a meal during the trek. The trek is challenging and requires energy to get completed.
3. Do not ignore or neglect the trek leader. Follow his instructions.
4. Do not litter. Do not use soap or any chemical-related product while bathing in the waterfalls or lakes. The locals use this water for drinking purposes.
5. Try to be calm and motivated during the trek.

- Things to carry:
- Sleeping Bag
- Sleeping Sheet
- Drypack
- Trekking Pants
- Fleece top
- Warm Hat
- Gloves
- Toilet paper
- Three liters of water bottle
- Lip care
- Torch
- Gaiters
- Water purification tablets
- Moisturizer
- Down booties
- Gumboots
- Socks
- Camp shoes
- Shell jacket
- Shell pants
- Thermal top and bottom
- Daywear shirt 2 or 3
- Sun hat
- Sunglasses
- Toiletries
- Small towel
- Personal medicines
- Camera
- Money pouch
- Energy bars
- Vitamin tablets
- Waterproof gloves
- Flask
- Trekking rods
- Exothermic pouches


The best experience you can have in the world of trekking adventures is Chadar Trek. A memory you will cherish forever and a place to explore the Himalayas in depth. Choose a good tour operator who provides all the important facilities and great itinerary and make your first Chadar trek experience a remarkable one.
Live Travel. Explore!!

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